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Sports Injury Rehabilitation physiotherapy is a speciality of physiotherapy that focuses on prevention, evaluation, treatment, rehabilitation, and performance enhancement of the physically-active individual. Sportsmen and women demand high level performance and so place heavy demands upon their body. This stresses muscles, joints and bones to the limit.  As sports physiotherapists we have knowledge and skills relating to the cause and management of acute, chronic and overuse injuries. At our clinic we analyse movement to highlight strengths and weaknesses. By doing so we help athletes to prepare for their sporting events. Importantly we provide education and resources to prevent problems from arising. However, when injuries do occur we use our up-to-date and evidence-based knowledge and skills to aid recovery to your sport as soon as possible. At Belinda Milligan Physiotherapy Ltd. we are proud to be members of the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Sport and Exercise Medicine.

Assessment, Evaluation and Prevention

Prevention of injury is vital, However, if an injury does occur many wish to continue their sporting activities with minimal disruption. At our clinic we can offer valuable advice on exercise screening, recommend correct use of equipment and provide progressive cardiovascular fitness programs to assist in a safe return to activity. As such we promote and emphasise ‘prehabilitation’.

Treatment, Rehabilitation and Performance Enhancement

Treatment and rehabilitation of neuromusculoskeletal injuries is our focus of sports practice. We can manage these disorders in clients of all ages and physical abilities. We also advise and manage individuals to improve their performance. This involves cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness regimes and improving each individual’s flexibility, muscular strength and endurance.

We are able to assess, manage, advise and treat on a wide variety of sports whether you are a newcomer or advanced athlete. Whether you enjoy swimming, cricket, hockey, football, rugby or skiing we have the skills to help you using an evidence-based approach. Here are a few additional examples to explain our expertise:

Running: Injuries can be common as a result of poor technique, poor footwear or repetitive overuse. These can result in mechanical sprain, strain or tear. Our assessment includes a movement analysis before we treat with such techniques as massage, strapping and taping, joint mobilisation, tissue stretching, strengthening regimes and postural correction. We also work closely with podiatrists who also specialise in lower limb biomechanics so that, together, we manage specific structural problems.

Golf: we look at the way you move to help you to understand how improving the mechanics of your body can improve your golf swing. Our approach concentrates on balance, flexibility, posture, core stability, strength and power and cardiovascular fitness being the pillars of performance enhancement.

Racquet sports: whether tennis, badminton, squash or other racquet sports we aim to improve agility and flexibility whilst developing power and endurance. Together we can devise a progressive stretching routine to help to minimize muscle imbalances and so prevent injury and improve your performance.

Equestrianism: we have the skills and experience to analyse your problems. We are happy to advise and meet you at the stables, if necessary.


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